Energy Transition and Sustainable Economies, 3 ECTS

This MOOC (Massive Open Online) course is a cooperation between Hanken School of Economics and Vaasa Higher Education Consortium. The course will be open year-round.

The course is a free online course but if you are not a student of Novia UAS and you need the three credits, you need to sign up at Novia Open University of Applied Sciences and do an online exam in Novia UAS’s Moodle platform.

The course will be offered to students at Novia UAS as an elective course but also to people outside Novia that are interested in taking this course.

Competence objectives of the study unit:
This online self-study course will prepare students to familiarize themselves with the challenges and opportunities of energy transition and take critical steps towards sustainability in its ecological, economic and social dimension

Content of the study unit:
In this course, students will be acquainted with the need of energy transition from the perspectives of various roles, including that of the producer, consumer and prosumer. Students will also recognise the importance of energy transition for sustainable development in its widest sense, consisting of ecological, economic, social and cultural aspects. On completing the course, students will understand how energy transition supports climate change mitigation and adaptation. They will also understand the way in which energy transition and circular economy are related and mutually reinforcing. In addition, students will know what is being done in Vaasa region for energy transition and how the region’s energy cluster acts as a leader in the international development of the field.



Free of charge

Study material:
All the material are available in the FutureLearn platform (

Contact person:
Philip Hollins, 

Roger Mäntylä, 

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12.09.2022 - 31.07.2024


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